Long Island Express, in conjunction with AthletePrep is offering an amazing tool to help with the college test prep and the recruiting process.

DISCOUNTED pricing for LI Express Players just $380

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Preparing for college can be tough, for both students and parents. The college admissions 
process is difficult to understand, busy schedules make it hard to commit to test prep courses, and the financial commitment can put a strain on a family's budget. For student-athletes, it can be even tougher - athletic scholarships are limited, leaving only a small number of students able to play their chosen sports in college. 

That's why there's AthletePrep. AthletePrep is an integrated athletic and academic development platform that addresses many of the difficulties that young athletes face in their attempts to go to their college of choice.

With AthletePrep, you get:

  • Best in class SAT/ACT test prep;
  • A comprehensive college planning tool that provides feedback on the likelihood of admission, financial aid and merit aid;
  • A recruiting profile builder for student-athletes to better interact with college coaches.
  • And unique transparency as to where you stand in several key categories vs the actual current freshman class at any college you are considering. 

AthletePrep enables student-athletes to take full control of their college prep, and take on an active role in the recruiting process. The platform provides the support and guidance they need to find a college that aligns with their personal goals.  

For parents, AthletePrep also provides early feedback on the financial implications of the college selection process, by providing the most comprehensive merit aid database available, as well as realistic financial aid projections based on the family's specific financial circumstances and the specific aid policies of each individual college (not simply according to Federal guidelines). And even for those students that don't play sports, AthletePrep's preparatory and financial tools and resources make the college application process much easier to understand, and to navigate. 

AthletePrep levels the playing field, so that student-athletes can have the best possible chance of living out their college dreams. So log on today, and start taking the right steps towards an ideal athletic and academic future.


  • Log into your parent account through Long Island Express Website.
  • Use the drop down box in Step 2 to select "TEST PREP" Hit Submit.
  • Add to cart the appropriate charge and check out. 

Once you have paid, Jill Adler, LIE Admin, will send you a link to a form that needs to be completed in order to set up your AthletePrep account. Once that form is completed and your account is activated you will be sent an email on how to access your AthletePrep Account. You will have one year from date of activation to utilize the test plan you choose.

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